Most common word you have been hearing (potentially): Congratulations!

Dear you,

Congratulations! You or a loved one or an acquaintance that you know has graduated from school to move onto the next phase of their life.

I just recently walked with all of my classmates who are much smarter than I. They have dreams and are well on their way of being clinical pharmacists, industry leaders, community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, ambulatory (clinic setting) pharmacists, entrepreneurs, and so on. Where do I stand with my future? This question takes me back to the reason why I switched from psychology and business to healthcare as an undeclared third year at UCI: “how do I best combine business and health?”.

This question constantly haunts me, not in a bad way but, like a goal that may seem so lofty. Business is associated with money and healthcare carries an altruistic connotation. Are they like oil and water? Dot they not mix into one liquid but are forever repelling each other without some force introducing them to one another?

So now what? How have I decided to mix business and health? The combination of industry and community pharmacy will allow me to shorten the bridge between launching innovative drug therapies and providing healthcare to patients. I don’t know how or which company I will work for but both organizations will strive for the highest levels of innovation, integrity, patient care, and the generation of profits all in one. For now, back to studying for the boards and constantly becoming the best clinician I can possibly be.

Here’s to the graduating class of 2014 across all the levels of education: Cheers!


Danny Nguyen



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