What does it take to start a company?

Hello there!

A friend asked me for advice today about what it takes to start a company aka “start up”. I thought deeply about this. I arrived to an answer…or thought I did….

Character, Morals, and Values, Relationships, Passion, Love, Experience, Risk-taking, Inquisitiveness, Relentless Effort

….Then I lost track because they began to blend….

I could continue with a laundry list but then how applicable is that to you as the reader? Probably not that useful because the list would be long and people hate remembering lists of things.

I think the important pieces have to be comprised of YOU. You are the product and the engine that drives the company or future you want to build. Therefore, depending on what you want to build, you need to become what you envision. One way to go about this would be the following: 1. Engineer the traits you see that is needed 2. Meet the people you respect who are successful and learn from them 3. Question yourself and everyone around you 4. Live up to something greater than yourself 5. Put yourself through so many uncomfortable places (physically, emotionally, spiritually) to drill down on what and who you really are 6. Think about interesting things constantly 7. Lead with love 8. Believe in the impossible because it is possible 8. Time is important. 9. Health is even more important.

There’s another list. Do I even know what I’m talking about? I’m no Richard Branson but I’m 100% Danny Nguyen.

I wonder what I will think about when I read this message in the future. The goal when I started this blurb was to share everything I know about starting a company and all my entrepreneurial ventures and failures ever since I was 12. I’m 27 now with some successes and a lot of failures. I think vulnerability is an important one as well. I think the basic need is to find yourself and then channel that into a future that jives with the very core of who you are. I think that is how it begins. I think people call it passion. Then when you find it, it is like a raging inferno that you need to learn to control because it can destroy you and the people around you. I think they call that temperament or modulation of your emotions. I think you can learn that through training. Training would mean trial and error. Character is important. Something very wise told me that having good character builds strong relationships. Those are definitely important as human beings.

That’s it for now.

Danny Nguyen



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